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Antony & Cleopatra

'The whole cast functions as a finely tuned unit, but Clark stands out as Cleopatra, one of the most complexly drawn of Shakespeare's female characters. She is, quite simply, phenomenal. The breadth of her performance is worth seeing over and over. In the span of three minutes, she might exhibit 10 emotions, from cruel punishment to petty whining to raging anger to vulnerable concession. Embraces are often followed by curt shoves; shouting matches are transformed into seduction."    

-Candace Cheney, Herald Leader

Pride & Prejudice

"Ellie Clark excels in this lead role. The character of Elizabeth must be fiercely independent and witty, but she also must be likeable, even winsome; Clark strikes this balance well. While her Lizzie isn't afraid to strike a venomous linguistic blow to a hapless suitor, she also displays a palpable, disconcerted conscience that struggles and frets over what is right and what can or cannot be done about it. Clark seems even more seasoned and at ease on stage than she did as Cleopatra in SummerFest's 2008 production of Antony and Cleopatra."

-Candace Cheney, Herald Leader

A Chorus Line

"Ellie Clark comes close to stealing the show as the aging sexpot Sheila, with a number of acerbic wisecracks. Clark imbues her character with fascinating hues of bitterness, regret, rage and fading hope."

-Tedrin Blair Lindsey, Herald Leader

The 12 Dates of Christmas

"The spirited comedic performance by Ellie reminiscent of other hijinks-laden comedies, including Bridget Jones’s Diary.  Clark delivers a commanding performance.  I especially enjoyed her portrayl of other characters in Mary’s life, including a 5 year old boy whom she befriends during an acting gig.  The show’s momentum never sags, and Clark is not bashful about directly connecting with the audience."   

 -Rich Copley, Hearld Leader

A Streetcar Named Desire

Clark and Bergman...bring palpable chemistry to their performances...leading two of this production’s strongest scenes."   

-Rich Copley, Herald Leader

Crimes of the Heart

"Ellie Clark, Dara Tiller and Jan Hooker's ensemble performance as the MaGrath sisters is like a long drink of water when you didn't even know you were thirsty. Fleshing out more inner conflict where other actors would've stopped, wringing the nuances out of Henley's script, and most impressive, capitalizing on the play's challenging mid-emotion beat changes, the trio spin Kirchner's vision and Henley's words into an evocative tour de force."      

-Candace Chenney, Herald Leader

Big Love

"Clark and Hull share a ... raw and revelatory truth in the chase and retreat of their characters' romance, each peeling back protective layers of their characters to expose the vulnerability and courage that redeems the tragic demises of their kin."

 -Candace Chenney, Herald Leader

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